Service Solutions

Smart Systems with Excellent Support

At Integrated Home Technologies, we don't except the idea of just rushing through a job to collect payment.  After our technicians have installed all the equipment and systems you've requested, we can be called up at any time for maintenance of the equipment. This is best for you, the client, as we understand the equipment we've installed and know best how to fix, maintain and optimize it for your use.  This ensures that your equipment lasts longer and remains easy to use. We promise to deliver whole house systems that are simple to control with maintenance that's simple.

Integrated Home Technologies offers monthly services that will allow us to:

  • Monitor network performance in real-time
  • Receive customized¬† alerts
  • Make programming and configuration changes remotely
  • Troubleshoot problems and resolve issues
  • Power on/off and reboot devices
  • Perform maintenance and upgrades
  • And much more!
Service Solutions
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